Software Developer Kit Ready: Start Integrating CardLink With CHERRY SmartLink

07/2024 - Back to overview

CHERRY is making its Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the integration of CHERRY SmartLink available.

CHERRY is making its Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the integration of CHERRY SmartLink available. With CHERRY SmartLink, e-prescriptions can be redeemed via any app without having to go to the pharmacy. Even before gematik's imminent approval, the SDK enables interested partners to start developing applications immediately.

Munich, 04.07.2024 - The e-prescription has arrived in everyday healthcare, one hurdle remains: patients still have to go to the pharmacy themselves to insert their electronic health card (eHC) into the card terminal or scan a QR code from the paper printout. Only then do patients know whether the prescribed medication is in stock. CHERRY SmartLink will solve this problem by making it easy to manage, submit, and digitally forward e-prescriptions on a smartphone.
The solution will not only benefit patients themselves, but also online pharmacies and community pharmacies with webshops, as well as health app providers. The Software Developer Kit (SDK) for the CardLink interface from CHERRY Digital Health, developed in collaboration with DoctorBox, is now being approved by gematik and is available. DoctorBox has contributed its extensive expertise in user-friendly and secure digital health applications, which significantly strengthens the quality and reliability of the SDK.

Development without delays

Thanks to this important step, partners can develop and test their solutions in conjunction with the CHERRY SmartLink and bring them to market without delay. "We are now providing our SDK as an integration and development platform to interested partners so that they do not lose any time and can already develop their application," says Gerrit Schick, Managing Director of CHERRY Digital Health, adding: "New test requirements for the CardLink solution have recently emerged from gematik, which did not exist at the time of publication of the specifications and previous approval procedures. We will of course meet these requirements, but delays on the part of gematik are to be expected. Wewant to bridge these with the immediate provision of our SDK."

Using established partner structures 

CHERRY Digital Health is in an excellent position to implement the new solution quickly and comprehensively. Thanks to the widespread use of e-health terminals, the company has a strong network of IT partners and concludes contracts directly with them. This has the advantage for pharmacies that they can turn to their existing software and IT main suppliers, which facilitates integration and minimises administrative effort. Pharmacies benefit from the simple and efficient processing, which allows them to concentrate on their core tasks.


Extensive experience and expertise

Another advantage of CHERRY SmartLink is its extensive experience with regulations and processes in the healthcare sector. With many years of expertise in dealing with gematik and the telematics infrastructure (TI), CHERRY Digital Health is ideally positioned to offer a reliable and secure solution. "Building on our many years of experience in offering specification compliant and practical solutions for the TI, we are now adding another service to our range that our customers and users can rely on," says Gerrit Schick. "Pharmacies benefit from our expertise and our ability to master complex regulatory processes and build robust and user-friendly solutions on top of them."