AC 3.3

AC 3.3
Better ergonomics and stylish aluminum – for relaxed gaming sessions.
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High-quality aluminum palm rest and mounting feet, suitable for the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S
Original accessory
Ergonomically optimized to support a natural hand position when playing and typing
Helps prevent wrist pain
Noticeably eases the strain of prolonged use
Palm rest can be attached to the keyboard quickly by hooking it in.
Mounting feet can be easily screwed in – without any tools at all
Available in different colors – to match the keyboard
VL_Lieferumfang_MountingFeet, VL_Lieferumfang_palm_resr
The CHERRY palm rest and mounting feet are original accessories that optimize the ergonomics of the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0S keyboard. The high-quality plastic palm rest supports a natural hand position. This helps to prevent wrist pain which often occurs when typing or playing for long periods without sufficient breaks. By simply hooking it into the recesses provided, the palm rest can be attached to the keyboard quickly and easily. The elegant feet made of high-quality milled aluminum allow the keyboard to be tilted at the required angle in two positions. They are easy to attach without any tools, simply by screwing them into the underside of the keyboard. The feet fit in with the overall style of the keyboard. Available in different colors to perfectly match your keyboard. Relax and play longer.

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Prodotto in larghezza senza imballaggio 92 mm
Garanzia VL_Garantie_2years_wa
Peso prodotto principale 357 g
Altezza prodotto senza imballaggio 20 mm
Temperatura di stoccaggio Max. 60 °C
Temperatura di stoccaggio Min. -20 °C
Prodotto in lunghezza senza imballaggio 425 mm
Ambito di consegna VL_Lieferumfang_MountingFeet, VL_Lieferumfang_palm_resr