Beyond comfort

CHERRY Features

In addition to the state-of-the-art workmanship and the "Made in Germany" quality of our products, CHERRY keyboards, mice and desktop sets offer numerous other features that make your daily work more pleasant.

We pay special attention to the following features:

silent icon


In many modern offices, workspaces are next to each other, making the proximity to noise and other distractions an issue. CHERRY offers many quiet solutions which offer users the benefit of prized CHERRY quality, while allowing for a silent, distraction-free work experience.

Now you can focus on getting your tasks done and not have to worry about disturbing those around you.

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The quintessential name in mechanical keyboards, CHERRY remains the world leader in MX technology design and implementation. Not only for Gaming devices, but MX-switches are also now a mainstay in CHERRY’s Office and Industry devices. Outfit your workspace with the latest in mechanical keyboard technology, optimized for a comfortable and accurate typing experience

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At CHERRY, we believe that design need not negate comfort. This is why we feature an array of ergonomic computer input devices, carefully designed to enhance comfort and provide a pain-free work experience. Many of our mice have been created to allow the user’s hand to rest in a natural position, alleviating strain and tension in the wrist and tendons. Our keyboards are fashioned in an ideal angel as to mitigate discomfort, even after hours of typing. Discover the vast line of ergonomic solutions made in renowned CHERRY quality.

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Symmetrical design

Often, tools and devices are designed with only right-handed users in mind. However, roughly 12% of the population is left-handed! CHERRY proudly offers a vast line of symmetrical mice, perfect for ambidextrous use! Discover the ergonomic comfort and ease-of-use that our wide selection of CHERRY mice provide.

spill resistant icon

Splash water protection

In medical and industrial environments, sanitation and cleanliness are of utmost importance – especially for the computer hardware devices used each day! For this reason, CHERRY provides products which feature splash water protection, to maintain a clean environment and safeguard the sensitive electrical components of the keyboard. Discover CHERRY’s selection of keyboard covers, such as WetEx, which has been specially designed to protect keyboards from liquid spills, dust and dirt.

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Programmable buttons

Set up your keyboard your way! CHERRY offers an array of fully programmable keyboards, many with extended alphanumeric layouts and replaceable keys, designed to allow complete user customization.

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A mouse as unique as your fingerprint! The CHERRY MC 4900 features an integrated, capacitive fingertip sensor which grants quick and easy log-on. Utilizing biometrics allows for personalized user authentication and unparalleled security.