Start-up character with flat hierarchies and the security of an established medium-sized company. Both in one company? Yes, with us - with CHERRY! We are an agile company - if you want to make a difference and shape the future, you've come to the right place. And if you're looking for a down-to-earth company where you can rely on each other, you're in the right place too. Become part of the CHERRY family.

Graduates & Professionals

Graduates & Experienced Professionals

You have just completed your studies. Or are you looking for exciting tasks and new career prospects? Whether you're a beginner or a professional: If you want to get things moving and develop yourself in the best possible way, then you'll fit right in with us. With us, the paths are short and the opportunities diverse. We look forward to meeting you!

Pupils & Students

Pupils & Students

With us you can start your apprenticeship in different professions! Our goal is to employ our apprentices permanently after their training. Or would you prefer to get to know us first as a student in the context of an internship? One thing is certain, with us you can expect a family environment and a wide range of development opportunities.

Lay the foundation for your career - at CHERRY!

cherry as an employer
Our hearts beat for technology.

CHERRY as an employer

We are warm and friendly. Working for us is more than just a job. We want people who fit in with us, who contribute to the realization of our corporate goals with entrepreneurial responsibility and a high degree of independence.

CHERRY Enter Excellence

9 reasons to choose CHERRY

  1. We are a globally strong brand with innovative power.
  2. We are the technology leader in computer keyboards and the world market leader in mechanical keyswitches.
  3. We are a friendly, welcoming company and treat each other with respect.
  4. We have the right mix of experience and new spirit.
  5. We are successful as a team, that's what drives us.
  6. We are open. Anyone who wants to get involved always has the opportunity to do so.
  7. We listen, the opinions of our employees are important to us.
  8. We are flexible and always offer new perspectives.
  9. We are at home all over the world and have our company headquarters in Auerbach (i.d. Oberpfalz).

How can you apply for a job with us?

Please use our application tool for this purpose.

Yes, we welcome your unsolicited applications. Please use our application tool for this purpose as well. In principle, you can apply for anything - we offer a wide range of different jobs. Your unsolicited application will be assigned to the appropriate departments by our HR team.

Please apply via our application tool. You are also welcome to do an internship with us (in advance), the contact person for this is the HR team - we also prefer online applications for this.

After receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. Your documents will then be carefully reviewed by HR and the relevant department. This takes some time. Unfortunately, we cannot make any general statements about the duration of the application process. However, we can assure you that we will get back to you as soon as we have more information about the status of your application. In the best case, you will then receive an invitation to a first interview. If the first meeting is positive for both parties, you will be invited to a second, more intensive interview. After that, it will be decided whether a cooperation will take place.

Please make it clear both in your cover letter and in a possible job interview why you want to become part of the CHERRY family and why you are the right person for the advertised position. In the interviews, we are primarily interested in getting to know you. That's why we place great value on authenticity and honesty. After all, both sides should find out whether they can imagine working together.

We assure you that the entire application process complies with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We use your data exclusively for the purpose of personnel selection. In the event of a rejection, we delete your data after six months in accordance with data protection regulations. If we have your written consent, we will include you in our pool of applicants so that we can contact you if we have another vacancy.