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CHERRY is proud to announce that it has been named “Best Brand of the Year 2022” in the category “keyboards” by the jury of the renowned Plus X Award.

Auerbach, 21. June 2022 - CHERRY, the specialist in computer input devices from Germany, is proud to announce that it has been named “Best Brand of the Year 2022” in the category “keyboards” by the jury of the renowned Plus X Award. After receiving the Plus X Award for its MV 3.0 mechanical gaming keyboard last year, this new honorary award confirms CHERRY’s pursuit of combining high-quality German engineering with outstanding design in its product line.

A special award for a unique mission

With its unique approach of judging all nominees by the seven quality seals of the innovation award – innovation, design, high quality, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics, and ecology – the Plus X Award stands apart from many other design awards. Its jury, consisting of different panels for the various industries, honors brands for a leading edge in the quality and innovation of their products. Its quality seals set the standard for the best products and are an unmistakable sign of brand quality.

“Being awarded a Plus X Award for one or two products is a proud achievement but being named ‘Best Brand of the Year’ is an even greater honor,” Fabian Hüttner, Head of Corporate Marketing and Communications at CHERRY, states. “This award is a strong confirmation of our core values – design, innovation, and quality – as well as our ongoing mission to deliver flawless German engineering combined with great design to our customers.”

Almost 70 years of quality, precision, and longevity

Founded in 1953 by Walter Lorain Cherry, the first CHERRY microswitches were produced in the basement of a restaurant in Highland Park, Illinois. Twenty years later, in 1973, the company began manufacturing computer keyboards – today, CHERRY is the oldest manufacturer of computer keyboards, a pioneer in the computer hardware industry. In 1983 CHERRY’s next milestone changed mechanical keyboards forever: the development and production of the MX Switch. Almost thirty years later, billions of MX switches equip millions of keyboards around the globe that rely on this technology. In the early 1960s, Walter L. Cherry ventured across the pond to Europe and created the CHERRY Mikroschalter GmbH in Germany as a subsidiary.

American Entrepreneurship coupled with German Engineering encompasses the history and future of CHERRY. Today, CHERRY is regarded as the epitome of quality, precision, longevity, and responsibility. With the long list of design prizes that CHERRY received in the recent past from some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, including the Red Dot Design Award, the German Design Award, the iF Design Award and the Plus X Best Brand Award 2022, it seems that “great design” has become another core feature of CHERRY’s product line.

About the PLUS X AWARD

With an international and independent panel of judges from 80 industries, 23 strategic partners, and more than 700 participating international brands, the PLUS X AWARD is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports, and lifestyle. PLUS X AWARD Seals of Approval are conferred upon products judged to possess at least one “Plus X” factor. Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design, and intelligent, easy-to-use operating systems. Criteria such as outstanding ergonomic and ecological features, along with the use of high-quality material, add up to sustainable products with long-lasting value and are also honored by the PLUS X AWARD. The innovation award was initiated to strengthen brands, trade, and commerce and support consumers in their purchasing decisions.